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Description: This is the 2022 Blue Man Group NBA Futures Contest. Each of the NBA teams will be put into two categories, Red and Blue. A coin is available on uniswap representing the Red team and the Blue team. If the winner of the NBA Championship is on Red team, the coin will be worth $1. If the championship team is on the blue team, it's coin will be worth one dollar.

Team Selection: Teams will be aligned into the Blue and Red teams based on play-off seeding after the play-in games. A color coded bracket is available below.

Odds conversion: The price of the coin is equal to the implied probability of the team winning. To convert to other odds mechanisms, a link is below.

BLUE TEAM TOKEN ADDRESS (Polygon): 0x6A0Eb3Fc0e136FDCF1c20D5D91ABf608afFBEC61

Red TEAM TOKEN ADDRESS (Polygon): 0x9F014De4A38DCf3E347A398a8894aC128FdDbEAe

Red Teams: Heat, Bucks, Raptors, Brooklyn : Grizzlies, Mavericks, Nuggets, West #8

Blue Teams: Suns, Warriors, Jazz, Minnesota : Celtics, Sixers, Bulls, East #8